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Centre County’s
“Secret Garden”

Tait Farm’s Greenhouse is truly the “secret garden” for our region. An ideal stop for the cottage and kitchen gardener, we strive to be recognized for the quality of our plants, products and customer service. Our staff of seasoned and master gardeners will assist you with ornamental landscape decisions, as well as educate you about planting a delicious edible garden. Choose from a great selection of seeds, herbs, vegetable seedlings and other backyard edibles, as well as unusual annuals and perennials that include heirloom roses, pollinator and native plants. We also offer organic gardening supplies, a variety of unique pots, planted containers and decorative stoneware that will add beauty to any garden design.

Plant Selections

We have a myriad of seed packets to choose this spring and the Greenhouse is full of plants, blooms and seedlings. It’s never too early to start planning your dream garden and we look forward to helping you!

Here are our lists of roses, backyard fruits, vegetable seedlings, pollinator plants, pepper, and tomato varieties now available in the Greenhouse!

  • 2017 Rose Selections
  • 2017 Fruit Selections
  • 2017 Organic Vegetable Seedlings
  • 2017 Pollinator Plant Selections
  • 2017 Organic Pepper Seedling Selections
  • 2017 Organic Tomato Seedling Selections
  • Gardening Supplies

    During the gardening season, the Tait Farm Greenhouse offers the very gardening tools and supplies we rely on for use in our own gardens as well as here on the farm. We have an extensive variety of gardening gloves, simple hand tools, organic potting soil, fertilizers and botanicals. We want our customers to take as great a pleasure and have as much success in their collective gardens as we do here at Tait Farm!

    Fertrell is the oldest producer of organic fertilizers in the United States. We are happy to be able to offer our customers their organic fertilizers and supplements for the kitchen and cottage garden.

    The following is a list of the Fertrell products we offer and recommend:

    • Super Plant Food 3-2-3 The Old Faithful of the Fertrell line, a general purpose fertilizer well-formulated for backyard flower and vegetable gardens, container plantings, and lawns. 3-2-3 is a time-release fertilizer, providing nutrients throughout the entire growing season, feeding both the plant and the soil microorganisms.
    • Aragonite A sea calcium, exceptionally high in calcium and low in magnesium, readily available to plants. Great for tomatoes, peppers, cukes, eggplants, any of the larger fruited vegetables where a large fruit would be particularly desirable. Use on roses as well!
    • Berry Mix 4-2-4 Specifically designed for berries, with added zinc, boron, and sulfur, Berry Mix encourages a higher yield, larger and tastier berries.
    • Holly Care 4-6-4 Formulated to provide the high level of available phosphoric acid required by acid-loving plants. Use on blueberries along with Berry Mix 4-2-4 for the best crop of berries, and on hollies, dogwoods, gardenias, marigolds, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, and ferns.
    • Rose Food 4-2-4 The components in this product include cottonseed meal and kelp meal, formulated to provide a fast start to the season as well as time-release nutrients for sustained, consistent growth throughout the season and roses like you've never seen!
    • Tomato Growers 3-4-7 Heavy feeding tomatoes thrive on two feedings of this fertilizer per season, the outcome of which will be large, flavorful and nutritious fruit throughout the growing season.
    • Vegetable Blend 5-3-4 Higher in nitrogen, key ingredients include aragonite and kelp meal to promote healthy soil and stimulate root development.
    • Kelp Meal Containing all the nutrients from A to Z, kelp conditions the soil, builds soil life, stimulates root development and plant growth, and helps the soil retain moisture. Kelp helps to increase yields and protects plants against drought and frost. If you only do one thing for your soil, kelp is known for being the best one thing!
    • Liquid Fish and Kelp #3 May be used as a foliar spray for immediate results as well as watered into the soil, equally as effective and fool-proof. Helps to protect plants during periods of particular stress and growth - rapid initial growth, budding, pod and fruit formation, before a frost, and to help repair plants damaged by herbicides.
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